Welcome to Chicago Underwater Hockey

Underwater Hockey is a co-ed, non-contact water sport played on the bottom of the pool. Each team is composed of six players, and a player can score by shooting the puck in the opponent’s goal.

Underwater Hockey (UWH) is unique because it is a three-dimensional game which forces players to move forward/back, left/right, and up/down. You do this allwhile holding your breath. It is a lot more fun than swimming laps, and it's great way to improve your fitness.

All practices are open to beginners

We will provide you gear, teach you how to play, and introduce you to the game. Please check out our Meetup page for more information on coming to one of our practices.

About Underwater Hockey

Learn more about UWH and how it's played.

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Open Practices

All practices are open to beginners.

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